Actual Multiple Monitors 8.0 Final + Crack

Actual Multiple Monitors — полнофункциональное решение для повышения удобства работы с Windows в многомониторном режиме: Панель задач с кнопкой «Пуск» и Переключатель задач на дополнительных мониторах, функция быстрого перемещения окон между мониторами, расширенные настройки фоновой картинки и экранной заставки, поддержка профилей Рабочего стола, эмуляция режима Windows 7 Aero Snap, миниатюры предпросмотра и многое другое.

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.0 Final + Crack

Actual Multiple Monitors fills up the gaps in Windows® user interface when working with several monitors at once. Install Actual Multiple Monitors to get such essential controls as Taskbar, Start menu, system tray and Task Switcher on each connected display, quickly allocate windows between monitors (either manually or automatically), improve the look-and-feel of your desktop with the multi-monitor desktop wallpaper and screen saver, create as many desktop profiles as you need. With these subtle but indispensable enhancements your productivity may be increased several times!

Multi-Monitor Taskbar
With Actual Multiple Monitors you will get a fully functional taskbar onto each display.

Multi-Monitor Wallpaper
Using Actual Multiple Monitors, you can set up any kind of Desktop’s background on multiple displays.

Custom Hotkeys
Hotkeys is the tool of professionals, and Actual Multiple Monitors supports them in full. Most of program functions can be activated via hotkey, and you can customize the key combinations at will. Moreover, you will be able to add your own hotkeys for some window operations.

Desktop Divider
Divider allows you to divide the entire large desktop or each monitor into several non-intersecting areas (tiles). If you put a window into one of such tiles, the window will expand up to tile’s borders only.
You can create as many custom tile layouts as you need and activate them on the fly as circumstances require.

Window Location
With Actual Multiple Monitors you won’t have to manually scatter your windows across monitors. For each application, you will be able to assign a monitor, which the application’s window should appear on after launching.

Desktop Profiles
If you regularly have to change the settings for several monitors at once, Actual Multiple Monitors will save you a lot of time. Create as many desktop profiles as you need with the required display configuration, resolution, orientation, color depth, refresh rate, and then switch between those profiles in a click (via hotkey or context menu).

Multi-Monitor Screen Saver
Actual Multiple Monitors gives new abilities for screen savers (even those that don’t have native multi-monitor support).

Multi-Monitor Mouse
Your mouse will get new functions and abilities when you install Actual Multiple Monitors.

Desktop Mirroring
Mirroring is a special function that allows observing a certain window, monitor or a custom part of desktop in a separate window on another monitor.

Window Snapping
If you prefer arrange your windows manually, Actual Multiple Monitors will help you make it faster and more accurate.


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