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Alien Skin Exposure — это плагин для обработки фотографий и цветокоррекции в Adobe Photoshop и Lightroom. С помощью Exposure вы сможете применять различные эффекты к своим фотографиям, такие как сепия, стилизация фотографии под кинопленку или черно-белые тона и многое другое. Кроме стилизации фотографий под пленку, в Alien Skin Exposure также есть инструменты для общей обработки фотографий: настройка теней и света, кривых и четкости и другие опции. Плагином отлично подойдет как для начинающих пользователей, так и для профессионалов.

Alien Skin Exposure rev 23645 Ru + KeyGenExposure brings all the creative tools of film photography to the digital world. Over 500 analog techniques and organic looks are back like cross processing, Polaroid and vintage Daguerreotype. There is careful research under the hood, but the controls are simple so you can focus on the creative choices. The result is a photo that looks like it was made by a human, not a computer. Exposure works great with 64-bit Photoshop CS5! Exposure simplifies your workflow, collecting color, dynamic range, softness, and grain controls in one plug-in. Correct a colorcast, soften a digital portrait, and tweak contrast with one, easy-to-use tool. Or define your signature look and save it as a one-click effect.


Our new preview system is much more interactive, which makes it easier to experiment and quickly explore presets. We also found ways to speed up our rendering, especially if you are using Photoshop CS5. Exposure 3 in 64-bit CS5 is over twice as fast as Exposure 2 in CS4 on the Mac and about 30% faster on Windows.

Photoshop CS5 64-bit Support
Exposure 3 works great with the 64-bit version of Photoshop CS5 on both Macintosh and Windows. This gives Exposure access to more memory and a speed boost.

Lightroom Support
Exposure 3 now works in Adobe Lightroom 2 or later. Our method of tight Lightroom integration provides batch processing and does not require Photoshop to be installed. See our Lightroom page for installation and usage advice.

Over 500 Presets
There are now over 500 carefully designed factory presets in Exposure 3. Entire new categories have been added, such as Cinematography and Lo-Fi. New settings have been added in almost every other category too. Where appropriate, we enhanced existing settings with the new vignette, dust, and scratches features. We have two videos that give a tour through all of our factory presets. You can also visit our examples page to see many of Exposure’s effects.

Aging and Vintage Films
More vintage films have been added, including Technicolor movie film, early versions of Kodachrome, and Autochrome (one of the first color film processes). The illusion of age is enhanced by new features like dust, scratches, and vignettes. Visit our examples page to see these new effects.

Lo-Fi Photography
Toy cameras such as Lomo and Holga are extremely popular for creating odd special effects. Exposure 3 provides a wide range of looks from this Lo-Fi photography, including lens blur, warped vignettes, and funky colors from cross processing. Visit our examples page to see these new effects.

Ease of Use
The entire user interface has been rewritten from scratch. Here are some of the most noticeable results.
The preview image updates much faster.
Settings can now have comments that appear as hover help. We added comments to some of the factory presets to help explain the best way to use them. You can add comments to your own saved settings too.
The mouse scroll wheel lets you quickly zoom to arbitrary levels.
You can duplicate a factory preset by dragging it into the User Settings list.

What’s Already Great

Realistic Grain
Exposure’s grain is carefully researched and realistic, unlike the digital speckles rendered by other software. Like actual grain, it clumps and is strongest in the midtones. Grain size scales with your image size, just like real photographic enlargement.

Non-Destructive Editing
Exposure supports a non-destructive worklflow, making experimentation easy. Effects in Photoshop are rendered on a new layer, leaving your original image untouched. In Photoshop, Exposure can be run as a Smart Filter for easy tweaking of the effect after it is created. Batch processing is supported with actions in Photoshop and through tight integration in Lightroom.

Exposure takes advantage of multiple processors and multiple cores in order to run fast on modern computers. The more cores, the faster Exposure runs.

Huge Range of Effects
The best way to see what Exposure can do is to check out our examples, videos, and try it yourself for free. For a quick overview, here are some of the techniques of film photography that Exposure handles. These are just the tip of the iceberg.
Black & White Films
Agfa APX
Agfa Scala
Fuji Neopan
Ilford Delta
Ilford HP5
Kodak PLUS-X
Kodak Panatomic-X
Kodak T-MAX
Kodak TRI-X
Kodak Technical Pan
Color Print Films
Fuji Pro C, S, and H
Fuji Reala
Kodak Portra NC
Kodak Portra VC
Kodak Ultra Color UC
Color Slide Films
Fuji Astia
Fuji Provia
Fuji Velvia
Ektachrome EES, G, GX, and VX

Other Effects
Kodachrome, every variation from 1936 to the present day
Polaroid, including Polapan and Polachrome
Early photographic processes, including Autochrome, Calotype, and Daguerreotype
Color toning for B&W photos, many variations including split toning
Blur caused by plastic lenses
“Glamour Shots” soft focus
Vignette, wide range of shapes
Dust & Scratches
Cross processing, many variations
Wide range of Lo-Fi presets to simulate cheap plastic cameras
Wide range of fading and aging effects
Bleach Bypass]

Возможности программы:
— Полная поддержка 64-битных систем и версий Photoshop
— Поддержка Adobe Lightroom, при этом не требуя наличия Photoshop
— Множество встроенных пресетов для быстрого результата
— Два режима работы: цветная пленка и черно-белая пленка
— Наложение эффекта старения (царапины, пыль и виньетирование)
— Реалистичный эффект зернистости пленки разных типов
— Деструктивное (неразрушаемое) редактирование фото
— И множество других возможностей

ОС | OS: Windows 7/8 + Adobe Photoshop CS5 / Photoshop Elements 10 / Lightroom 4 or later
Язык | Language: Русский (от Stalevar)
Размер | Size: 94.51 Mb

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