HDDlife Professional 4.0.192 + Crack

HDDlife – это удобная в использовании программа, которая позволит вам контролировать здоровье вашего жесткого диска в интуитивно понятной форме. Просто запустите программу – и она покажет список ваших дисков с указанием какой процент здоровья остался и какова их температура. Программа может работать в профилактическом режиме, регулярно контролируя здоровье жестких дисков и информируя вас в ненавязчивой форме о результатах проверок. Имея предупреждение о возможном сбое жесткого диска, вы обезопасите себя от потери ваших бесценных личных данных. Интерфейс программы переведен на множество языков, включая и русский язык.

HDDlife Professional 4.0.192 + Crack

HDDlife Notebook Edition monitors hard drive health and performance. It has been developed with the peculiarities of portable computers taken into account. Unique technologies make data information on the state of the hard drive highly precise and available at any moment.

Возможности программы:
• Простота и легкость использования программы
• Использование уникальных технологий
• Предупреждающий контроль
• Профилактическая регулярная проверка
• Контроль производительности диска
• Информация о свободном месте на дисках
• Градусник для ваших жестких дисков
• Контроль времени работы ваших дисков
• Управление уровнем шума/производительности диска
• Удаленный контроль и оповещения
• Интерфейс на вашем родном языке

The JustNow instant measurement technology reflects the state of the hard drive as a percentage of a new drive. You can see this value right after you start the program.

Another unique technology called AnywhereView makes drive performance indicators available from dialog boxes of any software application. These technologies provide clear and available information about the performance of the hard drive.

When HDDlife controls the work of the hard drive, it informs you about hard drive overheating or a decrease in its performance. It regularly measures the temperature and performance of the hard drive at the specified intervals. The state of the drive is displayed in the tray as a percentage of health and performance together with its temperature.

The results of each check are displayed as a brief notification. Data about available disk space is also displayed there. Additional data about the drive, such as its total working time and structure, is available in the program window. Moreover, you can rely on this software to constantly be notified about the state of your hard drive.

Besides displaying the current state of the drive, the program also gives recommendations on how to improve its work, when to back up data and prepare a replacement. In critical cases, it allows the user to automatically switch the system to the standby mode or to the power saving mode. It protects the system when it runs in the autonomous mode.

When you control the system remotely, HDDlife can send messages with the results of the last check via the network or by e-mail. It will run in the background mode, regularly check the state of the hard drive and send reports to a remote computer.

Here are some key features of «HDDlife»:
· Monitoring hard disk health using the S.M.A.R.T. (SMART) technology.
· Constant background monitoring of the of hard disk state taking into account the power scheme.
· Displaying the hard disk temperature.
· Providing information about free space on the disk.
· Providing information about hard disk performance.

ОС | OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven
Язык | Language: Русский / Multilingual
Размер | Size: 8.51 Mb

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