DU Meter 5.02 Build 3303 + patch

DU Meter — одна из лучших программ для подсчета реального входящего и исходящего сетевого трафика.
Возможности: полностью настраиваемые объем трафика и предупреждения о времени модемного соединения; настраиваемая ежедневная, еженедельная и ежемесячная статистика (как по трафику, так и по времени соединения) с возможнотью экспортировать данные в форматы Excel, Word, HTML, Text и др.; выключение компьютера при понижении трафика ниже заданного минимума.

DU Meter 5.02 Build 3303 + patch

If you have teenage children or if you own or manage a small business, you already know how hard it is to enforce certain rules for network usage, while respecting child’s or employee’s privacy. If you install DU Meter on your child’s or employee’s computer, you can configure it to report back to you via email when monthly or weekly network traffic exceeds a certain threshold. DU Meter will let you know if someone is breaking your rules (For example using peer-to-peer software to share films and music). Remember, you are legally responsible for what your kids are doing online. And while sharing music or videos may seem benign to them, copyright holding companies are suing peer-to-peer network users for thousands of dollars for copyright violations. DU Meter can alert you in time, so this kind of activity can be prevented.
Most important features in DU Meter 5
* DU Meter can discriminate between Internet and local LAN traffic, and monitor either of them. It can figure out what is Internet and what is LAN traffic automatically, or you can supply a list of IP subnetworks you wish to monitor or ignore.
* If your networking traffic is not free (or it starts to cost you over a certain monthly limit), DU Meter can calculate and display total cost of traffic during this billing period. Peak/off-peak rates are supported too.
* DU Meter can terminate all network connections as a result of an alert condition being met. E.g. you can specify that if monthly or daily traffic is over a certain limit, no more network traffic will be initiated.
* Alerts may be based on current monthly charges.
* Many bug fixes and improvements in stability and robustness — DU Meter can automatically recover now from database corruption (extremely rare).
* Still light system resources usage: Despite all these improvements, DU Meter still takes very little system resources

Display improvements
* Explorer deskband mode — DU Meter can attach itself to Windows taskbar for unobtrusive and prominent display.
* Full support for 64-bit Windows — including Sidebar and Windows taskbar integration.
* Several new types of graphs available, in addition to DU Meter «classic» mode.
* Numerical display can show either current throughput values, or total monthly traffic, or monthly charges (network traffic costs).
* Sub-pixel anti-aliased drawing for more visually pleasing display.
* Numerical display is highlighted if alert condition is in effect.
* «Click-through» mode — DU Meter window is visible and semi-translucent, and all mouse clicks go to the application below.

Reporting improvements
* Reports network data transfer costs if configured.
* Report file names can be automatically based on computer name or current date.
* Many other improvements and bug fixes.

ОС | OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Seven
Язык | Language: Русский / English

Download | Скачать DU Meter 5.02 Build 3303 + patch[2.48 Mb.]

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