Yahel — Shut Up (2010)

Yahel   Shut Up (2010)

Artist: Yahel
Title: Shut Up
Label: Phonokol (Israel)
Style: Trance, Psy, Progressive
Release Date: 13-09-2010
Quality: 192 kbps / 44,1kHz / Stereo
Tracks: 10
Size: ~100Mb

Yahel’s newest album ‘Shut Up’, follows the arc of his career with new sounds and collaborations.
The sound is Yahel at his best making brilliant Electronic Music tailor made for the dance floor. The new record is full of these great sounds with tracks like ‘Life is a Test’ ‘Memoirs’ and the title track’ Shut Up’. There are also some of the great collaborations that fans of his work expect.
‘Wolf (Mercy Mix)’ is a great dance track produced with Mirror Machines, a side project of Shiny Toy Guns.
‘Electronic Music’ was produced with Israel artists the Madboojah Project.
‘Break my World’ was created with Epiphony an up and coming act you are sure to see more of.
Add to that some unexpected samples and remixes ‘Hey DJ’ and ‘Shut Up’ becomes a very special album.
Yahel has been making music for more than 10 years. With his feet firmly planted between two worlds he has been able to bridge the gap between Psy Goa music and the European Club scene. He is well known for his hard hitting and melodic sound.

01. Life Is A Test
02. Wolf (Mercy mix feat. Mirror Machines)
03. True Believer
04. Break my world (Trance mix feat. Epiphony)
05. Shut Up
06. Electronic Music (feat. Madboojah Project)
07. Memoris
08. Other Side In You
09. Hey DJ
10. Reflection (feat. Guy Zigdon)

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