Portable CyberLink WaveEditor

CyberLink WaveEditor — программа для записи, анализа и редактирования звука. Встроенный аудио-редактор позволяет вам обрезать, делить и объединять ваши записи, добавлять к ним звуковые эффекты и фильтры и т. д. В программе также присутствует модуль записи дисков, позволяющий создавать ваши собственные аудио CD, которые могут быть прослушаны на компьютере, домашнем проигрывателе.

Portable CyberLink WaveEditor

CyberLink WaveEditor — a program for recording, analysis and editing of sound, built-in audio editor allows you to cut, split and merge your recordings, add to them the sound effects and filters, etc etc. The program is also present writer drives, allowing you to create your own audio CD which may be listened to on the computer, a home player.

In CyberLink WaveEditor, you can perform the following functions:
-import audio files in a variety of formats.
-download audio files from the Freesound web service.
-record custom audio using a microphone or other input device.
-crop and trim out unwanted portions from audio files with ease.
-full control over the adjustment of an audio file’s master volume.
-apply a number of useful effects to audio files, including distortion, reverb, dynamic range compression, vocal removal, and more.
-import and apply custom VST plugin effects to your audio files.
-mix multiple audio tracks into one customized audio file.
-create CDs with the custom audio in your library.

ОС | OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Язык | Language: Русский / Multilingual
Размер | Size: 18.76 Mb

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