DVB Dream 2.4a + Crack

DVB Dream - программа для просмотра спутниковых TV каналов. Работает с картой в натив режиме, переключение каналов происходит в несколько раз быстрее чем в ProgDVB.

DVB Dream 2.4a + Crack

DVB Dream is DVB player with many nice and unique features (more below), it supports standards DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T.

Из заманчивых фич возможность смотреть одновременно несколько каналов на одном транспондере и удобная организация списка Favorites, нормальная поддержка не только Elecard кодека.
В комплекте идёт Satellite List Toolkit со свежим списком каналов


— Multi PIP (19+1)
— Multi recording (MPG, TS)
— Timeshift
— LAN Streaming
— Unique channel list system
— Favorite channels
— Quick Favorites
— Child lock
— Embedded aspect ratio modes
— Cropping / Zoom
— Sleep timer
— Record timer
— HDTV and H264 support (some codecs only)
— Auto-zap
— Scheduler
— Teletext (plugin)
— Render-less mode
— Internal graph building
— Multi monitor support
— Command line support
— Network Scan
— Raw Diseqc commands support
— Plugins support
— Preffered languages
— Uncommitted switches support
— Positioner support (including GotoX.X / USALS, more below)
— Snapshot feature (more below)
— Keyboard shortcuts
— Custom keyboard shortcuts (only workaround for now, more below)
— Global keyboard shortcuts (only workaround for now, more below)
— Remote control support (more below)
— Themes
— Upgrade reminder
— 22 languages support

— DVBEPG by Momotte (module)
— CHLTools by X05 (module)
— Signal Display (module)
— Level log (module)

— FFDShow support, it means more features…

— PIP support, including independent ffdshow options
— Keys & remote – keyboard shortcuts…
— 4:2:2 support
— Deinterlacing
— Crop & zoom
— Logoaway – to hide ugly/moving logos/icons
— Picture properties – to change contrast, brightness, gamma…
— Blur & noise reduction
— Sharpen
— Noise
— Perspective correction
— Bitmap overlay – to add images
— Grab – to make snapshots

— Normalize
— Equalizer
— Noise reduction
— Resample
— Delay
— Swap channels
— Mixer
— Noise shaping
— FIR filter
— Convolver
— Freeverb
— Crystality

This version has a few underlying changes. So it is more like a test version. If you have installed DVB Dream before, we recommend you to do a clean install to a different path and not an upgrade over the previous version. That way you can keep your old version working as well to revert back in case of any problem with this new version.
DVBS-2 and Diseqc should work better on most of DVB cards/boxes now
Now vendor specific functions are supported in separate BDA extension files under devices\bda_extensions folder, it is possible to force extensions by editing conf.ini
DVB-C and DVB-T/ISDB-T improvements (different bandwidth and different QAM frequency lists are now possible)
All terrestrial/cable frequencies are now grouped in country/city sets
Now Pilot & Roll Off values can be specified on scan interfaces
SkyStar HD2 should be able to lock on DVB-S2 transponders now
DD automatically recognizes the codecs installed on your system and updates codecs.ini during setup, and there is also a new button «Add installed codecs» on video options dialog, to add newly installed codecs into codecs.ini with just one click
Some network search and LCN related bugs fixed
Diseqc repeats are now handled by device interfaces
Positioner as defalt doesn’t try to retune because of the crashes on some card drivers
*If your SkyStar HD2 remote doesn’t work, please try «Twinhan» remote type, and report on the DD forum
*DVB-C and DVB-T/ISDB-T frequencies are now stored in «cable.ini» and «terrestrial.ini» files
*For terrestrial and cable users, a clean install & scan is recommended
*If you still have problem with diseqc, please report on the forum and try changing «main menu->options->device options->diseqc method» and increase the values in «main menu->options->performance->delay after diseqc» and «diseqc repeats»
*If you have crashes during scan when you use BDA device interface, disable TIF under device options
*If you are a programmer, believe that you can write device extensions to support your DVB cards/boxes please contact us, we will provide the API, it is quite simple. Possible to support CI / Diseqc / DVB-S2 / Blind Scan / LNB power off through device extensions
*Report problems on DD forum please

What’s New v2.4a (19.06.2013):
Fixed DVB-T/C problem
Fix for eurekalog problem
Added option to «Disable/Ignore des.dll error» , in preferences, general tab

ОС | OS: Windows All
Язык | Language: Русский / Multilingual
Размер | Size: 9.24 Mb

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