easyHDR Pro 2.30.5 + Patch

easyHDR Pro позволяет создавать HDRI из TIF, JPG и BMP-файлов, открывать формат Radiance, выравнивать исходные изображения, проводить тональную компрессию. При изменении очередного параметра программа не кидается вычислять тональную компрессию, для этого нужно нажать Preview. Вычисления можно всегда остановить.Чтобы работа шла быстрее, можно выделить только участок изображения, для которого будет показан результат тональной компрессии. Позволяет отмечать обрезанные светлые и тёмные участки. Oчень хорошая программа с удобным понятным интерфейсом и большим количеством опций. Более гибкая, чем Photoshop, результаты тональной компрессии выглядят более натуральными, чем из Photomatix.

easyHDR Pro 2.30.5 + Patch

easyHDR Pro without question, produces much Better results than I was ever able to produce with Photomatix. Over the years I have tried a lot of editing programs. EasyHDR has outperformed them all. The results look more like what I saw with my own eyes when I snapped the shutter. The Best shadow detail, more natural looking color and accurate color, too! The results are like night and day to Photomatix. EasyHDR is more reasonably priced. And for the quality of the edited image, less costly than nearly all editing software. Easier to use. Produces the finished edit in much less time. I have not found a program that will produce a better picture to print, of Landscapes, Nature & Wildlife, Portraits, Architectural and Interiors. Photomatix is just not this versatile. Considerable time has been spent making comparisons, as I feel it is my responsibility as a working photographer, to provide to my clients and customers, the Best Quality Image I can. And because I take pride my work, and I Enjoy photographing the Beauty that God has given us, and sharing these Joys with others!

• blend a sequence of photos taken at different exposure values into a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image
• tone map HDR image into an 8-bit per channel REALISTIC looking result that can be displayed on computer screen or printed
• align the input photos using manual-alignment feature (compensates for shift, scale, rotation and PERSPECTIVE) or…
…use auto-alignment feature, that compensates for shift as well as rotation
• adjust tone curve shape to fine-tune the contrast
• do post processing on the tone mapped result without any quantization losses — on floating point data (blur, sharpening, noise reduction, white balance, color tone adjust)
• convert and tone map RAW images from your digital camera
• load BMP, JPEG, 24/48/96-bit TIFF, FITS and Radiance RGBE file formats
• save as BMP, JPEG (without loosing EXIF headers), 24/48-bit TIFF or Radiance RGBE (.hdr)
• use batch processing option to automatically process tens of image sets without any user interaction
• language versions: English, polski, Español, Deutsch, Français, Русский, Italiano, Português & Brazilian

ОС | OS: Windows  XP/Vista/7
Язык | Language: Русский / Multilingual
Размер | Size: 8.89 Mb

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