Tweak-8 v1.0 build 1007 + Crack

Tweak-8 — твикер для тонкой настройки, оптимизации, тюнинга операционной системы Windows 8, а также её некоторых элементов интерфейса, за счёт изменения определённых параметров (как скрытых, так и труднодоступных для пользователя, находящихся глубо в системном реестре и не только).

Tweak 8 v1.0 build 1007 + Crack

The worlds’ unique solution for Windows 8: The original Tweak-8 All you need to tweak, customize and optimize Windows 8.

- Heaps of features to customize, optimize and tweak Windows 8
— No need to dig into the system registry: activate hundreds of tweaks by a mouse click only
— Make Windows 8 work and look the way you want it to — Tweak-8 includes everything you need for that
— Designed especially for Windows 8 — unlike competitive products!
— Performance tweaks and optimizations included
— Speed up your CPU, your internet connection and much more

Comparing Tweak-8 with other optimization and tweak tools is simply impossible since no competitive product covers such a huge functionality: from simple system tweaking to complex and fast registry cleaning and registry defragmentation and comprehensive system cleanup.

Tweak-8 features
01. System optimization
Optimize your system with the included system tweaks, registry cleanup, and registry defragmentation
02. System cleanup
Cleanup your system and remove unneeded files, unneeded system update backups, temporary files and a lot more
03. System tweaking
Tweak your system with hidden and usually inaccessible system hacks
04. System customization
Customize your system with hundreds of special customization tweaks
05. System information
Access detailed system information, product keys, hard disk information, network bandwidth information
06. System memory optimization
Optimize your system’s physical memory with the included memory optimizer
07. System restrictions
Easily restrict access to applications, system features, taskbar, start screen
08. System tweak migration
Export and transfer your tweaks to other machines

ОС | OS: Windows 8
Язык | Language: Русский / Multilingual
Размер | Size: 41.19 Mb

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