MediaChance Quick HDR 1.0 En/Ru + Serial

Quick HDR от компании MediaChance — новая программа для высокоскоростной обработки цифрового фото. Проста в использовании, позволяет создавать HDR из одной фотографии, добавлять различные эффекты, пакетная обработка. Работает с высокой точностью 128 битной глубины цвета. В отличие от программы, такой как HDR Dynamic Photo HDR, где вам нужно несколько экспозиций изображения, QuickHDR построен с нуля, с целью применения таких же эффектов к одному источнику изображения.

MediaChance Quick HDR 1.0 En/Ru + Serial

Quick HDR is very fast and enjoyable image enhancement software and a batch processor to apply many popular Film and HDR effects to the modern digital camera images, all in high 128 bit color depth precision. Unlike a HDR software such as Dynamic Photo HDR where you need multiple image exposures, QuickHDR is build from ground-up with the purpose of applying the same effect to a single image source.

• Simulate various Film processing
You can effectively create any of the look of famous film stocks (for trademark reasons we don’t use the actual film stock names)
• Simulate many of the popular HDR effect, from very soft «realistic» to completely exaggerated
• Simulate effect of polarization filter
You can deepen the sky and remove haze with this ingenious filter
• Work in a picture browser-like fashion for very quick access
Easy way to find your pictures with the build-in and improved image browser
• 128 bit color depth per pixel to avoid any un-necessary image clipping and obtain maximum quality
Unattended Batch processing
• Batch processing is fully automatic and multi-threaded
• Supports RAW images

Other benefits
• Unlike normal HDR software the Quick HDR is blazingly fast
• Works from a single digital images, no need for multiple exposures
• Immediate feedback
• Easy way to zoom in
• Calibrated so the preview and the final exported image look the same (quite often problem with HDR software)

ОС | OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Язык | Language:
Русский (русификатор)  / English
Размер | Size: 7.39 Mb

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