Opera@USB 10.60 build 3400 Alpha 1

Разработчики из Opera Software выпустили новый снимок Opera 10.60 build 3400 Alpha 1 с множеством исправлениями, которое дает заметное увеличение производительности, а также улучшен пользовательский интерфейс. Opera – один из самых быстрых и гибких в настройке браузеров. Используя скины, пользовательские панели и другие средства настройки интерфейса, его внешний вид можно изменять до неузнаваемости. Программа позволяет «на лету» отключать и включать графику, а также может похвастаться фирменной технологией масштабирования веб-страниц, благодаря которой пользователи браузера практически никогда не видят горизонтальной прокрутки.

Opera@USB 10.60 build 3400 Alpha 1

Opera@USB has the same functionality as the Desktop version, but can be run on USB Flashdrive/Stick/Pen, and also as secondary browser on hard disk There are no unwanted effects on IE or other browsers, existing Opera versions are also not affected. It makes no entries to the registry, leaves no data on the guest computer.


  • Updated version number to 10.60
  • Use icons instead of thumbnails for some internal tab types, such as mail and downloads
  • Fixed DSK-239575 (Zoom box in email compose page is broken)
  • Fixed DSK-284115 (Mail not re-indexed after removing lexicon)
  • Fixed DSK-285118 (Tab chrome is missing for restored tab when new tab is opened in background)
  • Fixed DSK-288581 (MathML entities don’t work in Opera 10.5x)
  • Fixed DSK-290704 (Make scrollbar knob bigger with big pages)
  • Fixed DSK-291718 (Minimized Opera not restored when opening external link)
  • Fixed DSK-292233 (Opera crashes on uninstalling widgets via the panel)
  • Fixed DSK-292307 (Can’t remove widgets with Cyrillic name)
  • Fixed DSK-295244 (Inspect Element should not be the last item in Image Properties)
  • Fixed DSK-296724 (Crash viewing Opera skin images on a page while using the Omelion skin)
  • Fixed DSK-297250 (Opera crashes in Save As and Open dialogs)
  • Fixed DSK-297282 (Crash on right clicking Google Earth plugin)
  • Fixed DSK-297390 (Issues with focus in Google Earth plugin)
  • Fixed DSK-297560 (Missing toolbar after starting with new page if source viewer was previously active tab)

Speed Dial

  • Fixed DSK-293919 (Dragging speed dial entry to another position executes default action on target in addition to dropping)
  • Fixed DSK-297432 (Close button: Visual glitch)
  • Fixed DSK-297814 (Background of Speed Dial dialogs too transparent)
  • Fixed DSK-298063 (When Speed Dial is set Read Only, no titles are shown)
  • Fixed DSK-298098 (Visual degradation when setting opacity to a low value (disabling opacity for now))
  • Fixed DSK-298364 (Crash when hovering Speed Dial tab)
  • Fixed DSK-299663 (Buttons at the bottom overlap when height is reduced)


  • Fixed CORE-192 (Remove support for div nowrap)
  • Fixed CORE-1386 (MouseEvent and UIEvent interfaces not exposed)
  • Fixed CORE-14878 (0.01% height of auto in standards mode should compute to auto but doesn’t (Picasa))
  • Fixed CORE-19575 (E-mail contact importer on www.hi5.com triggers file download)
  • Fixed CORE-19880 (Don’t differentiate between shrink-to-fit and table cell content width propagation)
  • Fixed CORE-20102 (Absolutely positioned element inside bottom absolutely positioned element doesn’t redraw when moved)
  • Fixed CORE-20449 (—!> and —\s*> do not close a comment)
  • Fixed CORE-21628 (Scripts hang at www.toshiba.co.jp (plugin related))
  • Fixed CORE-22498 (location.replace in iframe turns previously initiated location.href assignment in parent into a replace)
  • Fixed CORE-22761 (Address shouldn’t have padding)
  • Fixed CORE-22879 (Cell width larger than that of table if cell has nowrap should be respected only in quirks mode)
  • Fixed CORE-23522 (HTML5: Add support for onhashchange events)
  • Fixed CORE-23560 (Negative clip left/top value, larger than elements widht/height hides element)
  • Fixed CORE-23989 (Navigating to a different WML card via element doesn’t work)
  • Fixed CORE-25367 (After acceptation of certificate, SSL negotiation fails in some circumstances)
  • Fixed CORE-25463 (Combination of z-index, display, overflow, position and float hides content at Google Wave)
  • Fixed CORE-25786 (Reading empty cookie value still appends = (jil.org))
  • Fixed CORE-26001 (CSS selector matching performance improvement)
  • Fixed CORE-26027 (Caret appears in the wrong position if put in an empty block beside a float (new reply on Google Wave))
  • Fixed CORE-26647 (Freeze caused by nesting positioned and non-positioned elements)
  • Fixed CORE-26674 (Content overflowing content edge but not padding edge triggers scrollbar for overflow:auto)
  • Fixed CORE-26824 (Mouse coordinates wrongly reported to Flash)
  • Fixed CORE-27299 (Zimbra: UI freezes when closing calendar item — history.back() causes unload event)
  • Fixed CORE-27385 (Can’t install Skandiabanken CA certificate)
  • Fixed CORE-27402 (Navigator mimeTypes description is wrong)
  • Fixed CORE-27532 (liveConnect TCs show undefined until Reload)
  • Fixed CORE-27600 (Odd XSLT behaviour with (non-URI) ihost names)
  • Fixed CORE-27693 (Cant view Google Pistview — document.readyState can revert to «interactive» from «completed» when content is added to the DOM)
  • Fixed CORE-27730 (Nested positioned descendants of inline-block fails to redraw)
  • Fixed CORE-27774 (Float and clear tests regressed — empty line inserted)
  • Fixed CORE-27826 (Nested positioned descendants of inline-block with z-index fails to redraw)
  • Partially Fixed CORE-27877 (The separator between attributes and params should be PARAM:null, not PARAM:»»)
  • Fixed CORE-27900 (Animated Harmonograph Experiment not animated)
  • Fixed CORE-28143 (Unexpected 14px offsetTop for page when close a inner window for web.qq.com)
  • Fixed CORE-28213 (Danskebank not working — let document.domain affect frame navigation policy)
  • Fixed CORE-28444 (Windowless plugin desynchronizes with page after scrolling)
  • Fixed CORE-28845 (Don’t set the focus on DocumentEdit when handling an onfocus event on the body)
  • Fixed CORE-28943 (Can’t enable plugin by clicking arrow on this page (EnableOnDemandPlugin/EnableOnDemandPluginPlaceholder))
  • Fixed CORE-29028 (Optimize premultiplication of decoded images)
  • Fixed DSK-275537 (Chinese IME causes Opera to crash when typing on tieba.baidu.com)
  • Fixed CORE-30034 (Webstorage crash)


  • Fixed DSK-294923 (Disable taskbar thumbnails by default and make an option in preferences)


  • Fixed DSK-299441 (Drop JEP in favour of javaplugin2 (ns4) – more info)
  • Fixed DSK-299267 (Slow element reflow with some italic fonts)
  • Fixed DSK-298779 (Pinch to zoom gesture in compose screen crashes Opera)

ОС | OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2003/Seven
Язык | Language: Русский / Multilingual

download | скачать Opera@USB 10.60 build 3400 Alpha 1 [24.47 Mb.]

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