The Linotype Originals OpenType Edition (1710 Fonts)

The Linotype Originals OpenType Edition (1710 Fonts)

Огромная библиотека шрифтов известнейшей компании Linotype

Assorted Col Fonts
LT Originals Fonts
Other Linotype Products
ITC Collection Fonts
TakeType Col Fonts

Всего 1710 шрифтов

The Linotype Originals OpenType Edition version 2.0 includes the entire current offer of Linotype Original Fonts in OpenType format. The 1,710 included fonts are predominantly made up of exclusive Linotype fonts. A smaller portion comes from the Adobe Font Pool, of which approximately a third is equipped with better language support than the available Adobe versions. The largest portion of the TakeType Library is included in this product, as well as several fonts from the Assorted Collection, which are only available from Linotype. Over 800 fonts have been added since the appearance of version 1.0. The Linotype Originals OpenType Edition includes a standard license for 10 workstations and comes with a catalog (format 210 x 210 mm, paperback, 232 pages).

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Assorted Col Fonts [40.26 МБ]
LT Originals Fonts [18.08 МБ]
Other Linotype Products [63.66 МБ]
ITC Collection Fonts [11.56 МБ]
TakeType Col Fonts [5.22 МБ]

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